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I am a freelance writer working primarily in the areas of Autism, Special Needs Children, and Education with a passion for politics.

I am married to Jim Shimek and the mother of two sons. Ryan is 20 and Michael 8 and also Autistic. I live outside a quaint little town in Minnesota along the Crow River with my family, our beloved hunting dogs and the wildlife that accompanies living in Minnesota. After Michael was born I retired from a career in Emergency Medical Services and embraced my role as a parent of a Special Needs Child.

I am a freelance writer, published author and public speaker, and have been featured in newspapers, television news, radio talk shows and television talk shows.

My family and my first book The Color Red were featured on CNN’s Autism Day- April 2008. I have stood at the platform on countless issues concerning Autism and Special Needs and sit on several boards in Minnesota that help to address issues and needs for those with developmental disabilities. I am an active volunteer to countless organizations.

I live in Minnesota in a quaint town on 3.5 acres of land on the Crow River with my husband, two sons and our beloved hunting dogs. I currently have four books to be released in 2009 & 2010. Plans for the future are vast with aspirations for a political future.

I am the author of The Color Red and Autism is a Four Letter Word - Love.

My book titles are as follows
The Color Red- published on 2007
Autism is a Four Letter Word....Love- - out in 3/31/2009

*A third book on Autism - yet untitled--out the end of 2009 or early 2010

*A novel - yet untitled out in 2010

I have firm views on education and funding for Special Education in Public Schools in the United States. I believe that funding for Public Schools is complex but what our current Government Policies are providing, is not working. Rather it is a travesty.

The funding for education in our country has fallen to the bottom of our priorities for far to long. A sound investment in education for the students of this country defines what this nation was based on. Over the course of a decade, that base has been compromised and is continuing to fall. We as a country need to strive to gain that base back and make education for all Special Needs and non-Special Needs students a definition of what the United States of America stands for.

You need to speak up for your Special Needs Child. You are the only voice they have. Once you find that voice the possibilities for your child are endless.

Kind words placed in a gentle manner are soothing and sweet and this reflects a persons kindness. A firm tone and a blunt statement made, allows the topic to be remembered”. JJJ-S

I also writes under the pen name J. Jeanette Jay and Julie Jurgens-Shimek.

In my very limited spare time I enjoy time with my family and friends. I enjoy boating, snowmobiling, entertaining, the comfort of becoming lost while reading a good book, old black and white movies of the 40’s & 50’s or a fine glass of wine while listening to Nina Simone.

A percentage of all profits from my writing including the book “The Color Red” go to a newly started Autism Program in a Minnesota Public School our son Michael attends along with other Autistic students.

Current Works

I am currently busy promoting my book “Autism is a Four Letter Word - LOVE” which is published by AuthorHouse.

In addition I have 2 other books in the works. One is an extension of the book “The Color Red”. I am looking for approximately 20 families in the Minnesota area who are raising Autistic children. Many have found my family's story moving and a gateway into the life raising a child with Autism. I believe there are many stories to be told dealing with Autism.

I am looking for a broad spectrum of Autistic children and families. If you wish for your family to be considered in this book, please email me at with your contact information and a summary of your family.

You may contact me at with questions or comments pertaining to the book “The Color Red” or "Autism is a Four Letter Word - LOVE". For inquiries concerning my current work in progress please email me directly if you wish to be considered in this book. See current works area of the bio section for updates.

To schedule book signing‘s, speaking engagement‘s, and all press interviews please contact my publicist at





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